Children's Book Teaches About Black Philosopher, Marcus Garvey

Journalist, philosopher, activist and black nationalist, Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”


Providing an easy-to-read children’s book educating young readers on Garvey’s life, author and retired professor Eleanor Wint has penned, “Marcus Teaches Us”, self-published with Trafford Publishing.

“Marcus Garvey is a monumental, internationally acclaimed black philosopher who has influenced the independence movement of every black nation in the world,” Wint explains. Through simple language, the use of innovative coloring activities and providing children the opportunity to practice cursive writing and add their own thoughts, feelings and outlooks, Wint informs young readers on Garvey’s empowering teachings. An excerpt from “Marcus Teaches Us”……

“Marcus Garvey is a hero of Blacks at home and abroad. He said Africans all over the world must unite to be strong. He said that Africans need to have their own ships, factories, stores, everything. Marcus Garvey urges us to love one another. His mission took his message all over the world.”

Children worldwide should each have their own copy as they deserve to have the knowledge captured in this attractive book on Marcus Garvey.

About the Author

Eleanor Wint is a retired professor of social work who started her career with a certificate in social work and soon moved on to gain a bachelor’s degree in applied social studies, a master’s degree in social work (research) and doctorate in sociology. She is well-known for her work with developing communities and families in different parts of the world as well as organizing international seminars and community-based action rallies for youth unification. She has published two books on Marcus Garvey in collaboration with the Institute of Jamaica, several social work texts and “Bob Marley the Man & His Music” together with Carolyn Cooper. Her undying interest in the teaching of Marcus Garvey led to this book, as she feels many persons of African heritage still have a great deal to learn about this great black philosopher.


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