4 Seductive Coves and Bays in Jamaica

Jamaica's stunning natural beauty has been wooing travellers from around the globe for decades. Part of the island' charm is the easy access it affords to sparkling shores and tranquil turquoise waters. Jamaica is filled with seductive coves and bays. Here's a list of four enchanting favourites:



Frenchman's Cove

Port Antonio, on the north eastern coast, is snugly located between the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. A serene 45-acre private estate that is considered a true Jamaican hideaway. The area is still considered relatively virgin territory and Frenchman's Cove is a perfectly secluded spot where you will fall in love with the water instantly. This white-sanded shore, set against a magnificent backdrop of exotic tropical gardens and crystal clear mountain streams, is the quintessential tropical scene. It’s no wonder it was featured in the major motion pictures Club Paradise (1986), Treasure Island (1989) and Knight and Day (2010). Visitors pay a small fee for entry, but it is well worth it. The approach to the beach is lined with lush gardens which open to reveal the cove. Complete with a fresh water stream and its own sheltered white sand beach, Frenchman’s Cove has become a cherished destination for guests wanting to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in the warm, colorful and welcoming culture that is authentic Jamaica



Treasure beach is located on the southern side of Jamaica. It is in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Complete with charming fishing villages, miles of untamed beaches, excellent food and magnificent panoramas, the rustic south coast of Jamaica is a treat for those in search of lesser known Jamaican gems. Set against a background of lush greenery, Treasure Beach is a six-mile stretch of coral-coloured and sometimes black sands, private coves and rocky shores. The beach itself is of a red coral color. If you enjoy snorkeling this is a good area for your snorkeling adventure. You can find great coral reefs for snorkeling about 400 feet offshore. The water us usually calm and can be ideal for swimming. The area has five main bays - Billy, Calabash, Great, Fort Charles and Frenchman's. At various spots along the coast, delicious food awaits wherever friendly fishermen dock their brightly painted canoes and unload the day’s catch; which is seasoned and cooked to perfection in short order.



Home to an attraction of the same name, Dolphin Cove has all the makings of a great family adventure. It is one of the few places in the Caribbean where patrons can not only spend time with bottlenose dolphins, but stingrays, sharks, iguanas and a host of colourful tropical birds. The natural cove is surrounded by five acres of lush tropical rain forest. Visitors can swim with, hold, feed and learn about the intriguing marine life that call the cove home. Dolphin Cove offers various programs which feature different levels of interaction with the dolphins, from touching the dolphins as they swim past your feet to being ferried through the lagoon by holding on to their fins. The dolphins enjoy the interaction and you will relish the unique experience.




On the west coast, just north of a slice of land jutting out towards Booby Cay is Bloody Bay - one of Negril's most picturesque beaches. There is some debate about how the beach got its name. Some argue it was the site of a vicious pirate battle, but most believe hunters once massacred whales there, turning the sea blood-red. Shrouded by this seemingly dark past, Bloody Bay still mystifies and intrigues beachgoers with its beauty. In the 18th century, this hidden treasure was a safe haven for pirates, most notably the infamous "Calico" Jack Rackham and his equally bloodthirsty women pirates, Anne Bonney and Mary Read. They are said to have frequented this pirate hideaway right up until their capture by the British in 1720. Once a trade secret, this secluded stretch is lined today with a string of hotels and beaches. These sugary white sands and azure waters are not accessible only to resort guests. Many patches are still open to the general public.

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