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Jamaica is the only Caribbean island that is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea


It is the largest of the West Indian islands and is referred to as the Isle of Springs 


Jamaica belongs to the group of islands called the Greater Antilles 


The island is divided into fourteen parishes further grouped into three counties - Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey 


Jamaica became an independent nation August 6, 1962 


The Jamaican flag was first flown in 1962 


In 1534, Spanish Town became the capital of Jamaica 


In 1872, Kingston became the capital of Jamaica 


The Tainos were the first people to settle in Jamaica 


Manufacturing, tourism, bauxite and alumina are the most important industries 


There are two international airports in Jamaica, the Donald Sangster International Airport in St. James and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston 


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean 


Sugar cane, banana and coffee are the most important crops 


Most of the island is made up of limestone rocks 


Montego Bay obtained city status May 1, 1987 


Portmore obtained city status March 23, 2003

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