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Ladies, when a man is into yuh, him will jump hoops just to be with yuh. In the words of Beenie Man from the movie Dance Hall Queen “First time mi see yuh  mi would a walk inna macca, next time mi see yuh mi woulda bun up inna fiyah.” 

For most men, the chase is the biggest part of the thrill. It is nothing for a man in love to do two jobs, finish at 10.00 p.m. drive three hours to see you for half hour, then drive back three hours, to clock in to his first job  by six in the morning. That is when him looking yuh or when him just get di work and love is new.  

When love is  starting to get stale or when him find somebody else and want to dump yuh, suddenly  all the things he did with so much ease seem like such a problem to him.  A male friend once told me that, if a man leaves a woman, he will never hear the end of it from her family and friends. It is better, he said, to do all the things which he knows that she hates, to annoy and frustrate her into thinking that she is the one who ended the relationship.

And of course there are clear signs about when him ready and want to done the relationship.  The truth is, even when they seem to hurt us, some of them actually do have a heart and had kept on stringing us along because they did not have the heart to tell us they wanted out. 

But what are some of the things to look for, to indicate to you that the man wants out?

1.    If all of a sudden he stops answering his cell phone,  and stops replying immediately to your text messages  He WANTS OUT. 

2.    If he changes his cell phone number and does not tell you  HE WANTS OUT 

3.    If he is no longer available to ‘traipse up and down’ with you, always seems to have other and better things to do with his time  HE WANTS OUT.

4.    If he seems to get annoyed with you for everything you do or say   HE WANTS OUT.

5.    If he no longer wants to make plans for  the upcoming vacation, or your birthday, preferring to live each day at a time  HE WANTS OUT 

6.    If he no longer cares about hurting your feelings and so says and does as he pleases regardless of the consequences  HE WANTS OUT  

7.    If you have been like two peas in a pod and he changes his job without telling you HE WANTS OUT 

8.    If he no longer wants to go visit your family and friends with you HE WANTS OUT  

9.    If he no longer cares if other men are interested in you  He WANTS OUT

10. Finally : IF HE TELLS YOU HE WANTS OUT   … HE WANTS OUT .. let him go !!! 

Remember. No woman can force a man to stay with her if he wants to leave, and no woman can take your man if he doesn’t want to go to her.   

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