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If you know ‘barber green’ and 'fee fee', if you ever made a box kite and know the difference between ‘bine’ and 'clyde’, you are a good ol fashion Jamaican. 


Life for every generation is a combination of sweet and sour. For good ol fashion Jamaicans there are some things which we remember which meck wi know say wi deh bout looooong time. But we wear wi age and wi ol fashion badge with pride, knowing that when wi talk bout certain things, it come een like wi talking Greek to di young people 


  You qualify as a good oltime, ol fashion Jamaican if :  


1. You got a good dose of herb tea at the end of summer holidays


2.    You still refer to all detergent as ‘Fab’ 


3.    Your mother put a mumps cloth on you when you had mumps


 4.    You still ‘press your hair’ 


5. You call all nail polish 'cutex'


6.    You still save the paper from your Christmas presents and reuse them 


7.    You remember ‘Life with the Littles’ 


8. You go to farrin and ask for 'Gleaner'


9.    You still ’draw’ tea 


10.    They bathed you in ‘tambrin bush’ to clean up measles spots 


11.    You mouthside sore-up from green mango or sour tambrin at least once 


12. You still rinse out the condense milk tin 


13. You still refer to any smooth stretch of road as 'Barber Greene'. 


14. You get at least one ‘beaten’ wid a tambran switch 


15.  Every hot beverage is 'tea'


16. You have been choked by asham at least once 


17. You used to use exercise book leaf to meck box kite 


18. You still use Limacol and bay rum 16. Yuh cut up meat overnight and leave it to soak 


19. You use to have a beigie kite 


20. You still set ice in the icecream bucket and cheese pan 


21. You had an exercise book with Queen Elizabeth and her husband on it (not a ring binder) 


22. You used to listen to Redifussion 


23. You wore ‘puss boot’ or Bata crepe or to school 


24. You used to listen to Lou and Ranny show  religiously everySunday. 


25.  You know who Tony Verity was 


26. You know what a bingy is


 27. You still want to grater di coconut to make rice and peas 


28. You have run from pitchy patchy, horse head or bellywoman (Jonkanoo characters) 


29. You know what boxing title Bunny Grant held 


30.  You know how to give a ‘cornie’ with a gig 


31.  You know what Fanta and Nu Grape are 


32.  You know what a Woolsley, Humber and Zephyr are 


33.  You got worm medicine at the end of summer holidays 


34.  Your school graduation was called 'prize-giving.' 


35.  You still call Norman Manley airport 'Palisadoes Airport'. 


36. You still have a BOAC bag hidden somewhere in a closet 


37.  You want the family to take the day off to see you off at the airport 


38.  You dress to puss back foot and get a special outfit, to go to the airport 


39.  You still want to go to the airport just to stand on the waving gallery


Anything you never understand, or if you want to share more memories email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



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