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You want to ‘even up yuhself’ and pretend to be Jamaican. Here’s the test. 15 is a passing score! You know you're Jamaican when ...

1.   Your nickname is based on how you look, or what you do or did.
2.   Every hot beverage is called tea.
3.   Your Number 1 reality show? Digicel Rising Stars.
4.   You know what it is to ride on a road filled with so many potholes, you felt more like you were in a simulator than a vehicle.
5.   Standard English means talking with a North American accent.
6.   You call a certificate a cerfitikit.
7.   Every vowel is a word of its own.
8.   You have a cell phone from every company.
9.   You eat the gut from the orange.
10. Only when your hairdresser dies you know  that ‘Winjy’ was not her real name.
11. You can calculate money in multiples of ten up to a thousand with ease.
12. You leave off a ‘H’ where one should be e.g. Hat- at, Him- im.
13. You put a ‘H’ in front of words that begin with a vowel e.g. Hafter and Harinj (orange).
14. You've had a 'wash-out' at least once in your lifetime.
15. You call all your male teachers 'Sir' and all your female teachers 'Miss'.
16. You go to a funeral for food.
17. Your mother’s nine night ( dead yard) costs more than the funeral
18. The soft shoulder is the express lane.
19. You never pay for anything that you can get free.
20. You beat the gate to get into a free event
21. 'Juice' and 'drinks' mean the same thing to you.
22. You use the star apple skin to wipe the stain from your mouth.
23. Sunday dinner to you is synonymous with a big pot of rice and peas and some form of meat, vegetable or potato salad with drinks.
24. You must have soup on Saturday
25. You use the cocnut trash, after you have removed the milk, to make grater cake
26. While you may have no idea what a 'vulture' is, you do know what a 'John Crow' looks like.
27. English is your second language. Your first? Jamaican .
28. You know why 'cloth' is NOT an innocent word


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