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After a war of words between veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man and up-and-coming artiste Gully Bop, fellow artiste Major Mackerel is getting involved.


According to Major Mackerel, Ninja Man is jealous of Gully Bop's success.


 "Me and Ninja Man a friend and me and Gully Bop a friend. Ninja want me take side. Him must deal with Gully Bop, not me. Ninja Man a run from Gully Bop. A Gully Bop mek him haffi run from Sting, and give Laing back him money. I think him jealous a Gully Bop success and bad mind the youth," Major Mackerel said.


Major Mackerel went on to say that Ninja Man has been making erroneous statements to the media about him.


"Me participate in the Magnum Follow Your Sound clash and me win and Ninja Man was one of the judges and him rob me and give it to him friend. Me and him a cuss bout the clash because him rob me and same time Gully Bop people dem pull up because Ninja say a pure fool deh round Gully Bop. The man dem come see me and Ninja Man a cuss and dem lef same time. Dem nuh say nothing to him. Ninja Man gone pon TV a say me call bad man pon him. A lie him a tell. Stop mix me up inna bad man sumting," Mackerel added.


"Ninja Man must face Gully Bop and do a music war because Gully Bop want to clash him. All a we born poor so Ninja Man must glad say a youth make it from the gully to the top. A bad mind him bad mind the yute, and that's not good," Mackerel said.

When contacted, Ninja Man said that he had nothing to bad mind neither Major Mackerel nor Gully Bop for since they were not in his 'class'.


My league


"Out a me and Major Mackerel, which one a wi in a position fi bad mind? Out a me and a Gully Bop, which one a we in a position fi badmind? Me nuh need fi call Gully Bop name fi buss. Whe dem have fi me bad mind? If me bad mind Gully Bop, God wudda haffi tek whe me talent. Nuh deejay nuh badda than me. If anybody fi bad mind somebody it would be Major Mackerel," Ninja said.


According to Ninja Man, he does not have a problem with Gully Bop, he, however, had a problem with his management team 'boosting him up to disrespect me'.


"Dem nuh inna my league from day one. Me go through trials and tribulations and still stand firm as the original one teeth, gold teeth, front teeth, Don Gorgon. Me nuh bruk and me nah suffer. Me want see Gully Bop have tings in life. Him management boost him up and when me read STAR front page me see say dem drop him because him caan manage superstardom. Dem nuh inna me class. One song me wudda sing and write off Gully Bop career. Him caan manage my war. Dem a wicked fi try put him against me."


"Major Mackerel is a dutty, wicked man and a liar. I am a big man now. I have retired from clashing. If dem a look clash dem can gwaan to KipRich and Ryno. Major Mackerel need fi stop be greedy and bad mind. Him need fi pray to God 3 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. every morning so God can hear him prayers because him need more prayer than Satan. Leave me alone in the name of Jesus," Ninja said.


Source: Jamaica Star


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