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JA Productions recording artiste Blak Ryno is confident that he will demolish KipRich once again to retain his crown as the clash champion at Sting 2014.


"Mi ah go destroy him. Mi nuh know why Laing ah go send him back pon the stage fi come dead again? When the sun rise, ah dead body that ah come offa the stage, KipRich fi know say mi a bad man inna real life, weh him feel like?" Blak Ryno said.


This year's clash has been rechristened as the 'Raptor Rematch' as Raptor energy drink has come on board as a new sponsor for this segment.


"It won't be much of a rematch because KipRich and him little eediat rhyme dem outdated. Tell him say this ah 2014, lyrics like gunshot fi lock off him heart and mash up him spleen," Ryno said.


He said that once he has demolished KipRich, he is ready for anyone else who dares to challenge him.


"Mi waan kill Tommy Lee, Alkaline, Gage, the bandsman, the selector dem, the police weh ah run security, Heavy D and all Laing. Mi ah go kill everything. When mi done, ah just me and the fans and the stage ah go lef over Jamworld," he said.


Happen off-guard


Last week during a press conference, KipRich had warned that his vengeance will be swift and bloody. "This year is a different year. One thing I have to tell the opponent. What me see him come out with last year, that can't work again this year. When yuh nuh expect something and it happen off-guard, anything can happen," KipRich said.


Blak Ryno has had a remarkable 12 month run since claiming victory at last year's Sting 2014. He reconciled with former nemesis Popcaan, regained a US work permit, survived a bike crash and he recently inked a deal with JA Productions. He releases his first album in 2015.



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