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Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo has received a Cold Fog Machine from Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica, which will be used to reduce the temperature of the zoo’s environment which sometimes cause challenges for its animal residents and visitors.


The handover of the Cold Fog Machine was conducted on November 5 on the grounds of the Zoo. There, David Mair, Executive Director, FFP Jamaica, officially handed over the equipment to Dr. Kenny Benjamin, Executive Chairman of Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation and Dr. Andrew Trawford, Executive Director, Hope Zoo.


Dr. Benjamin expressed gratitude to Mr. Mair for FFP’s gift of the Cold Fog Machine.


“We are very grateful for the machine. It’s a most welcomed gift from Food For The Poor. It’s multifunctional and we will use it to cool down areas where some of the animals are getting too hot, and it also brings down the temperature around and that is very good for the plants. Some of the animals that we have are not accustomed to this very hot weather, so, every now and again when it gets very hot, we will use the machine and just fog the area,” Dr. Benjamin said in his response immediately after receiving the equipment.


Also responding on behalf of Hope Zoo, Dr. Trawford said, “It’s a great asset and we really appreciate it. It’s not only for the benefit of the animals, but also for the restaurant facilities here, whose customers will benefit too from the cool environment the cold fog machine will create.”


Mr. Mair, in his address, said the Zoo was chosen for this machine because the charity organisation was concerned about how Jamaica’s year-round warm climate affected some of the animals.


“Food For The Poor is indeed thrilled to be able to make this contribution to assist in the restoration process of Hope Zoo and remains committed to the development of Jamaica in whatever way we can,” Mr. Mair said.


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