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Jamaica’s charm lies not just in its natural beauty and its people, but also in  a general ‘feel good vibes.’


Wen problem set een over di world

An life kyaan seckle dung

Everybody waan fi run weh come a Jamaica

Di place wi call Jamdung


A yah so di creativity an di talent come from

Yah so reggae bawn an grow

Yah so you fine every bush fi heal every sick

But nuff people nuh know


So from clear a woi ee woi pan plane an ship

Dem come fi get a taste

Of di one place weh meck yuh feel alright

Nuh matter wat yuh race


From Blue Mountain to Green Grotto Cave

Yuh climb Dunn’s River Falls

Fish, festival, jelly coaknat an callaloo

Jamaica have it all


Tourist come pan two foot ankle express

An some wid fancy vehicle

Some wid one deggeh knapsack pan dem back

Just waan fi meet di people


An wedda wi have big wuck, lickle wuck or no wuck

Wi gi yuh friendship from di core

Wi fling open wi heart big like di Caribbean Sea

Yuh kyaan help but love wi more


Di sun shine wid Jamaican people wen dem smile

An we meck yuh feel at ease

Light an young like any spring chicken

Fresh like any breeze


Jamaica wi meck yuh fall in love all over again

Wid yuh husban or yuh wife

Fall in love wid yuh fren dem an yuh family

An fall in love wid life


Dis morning one big ol gray back man out a airport

Fling dung himself a bawl

An all di coaknat water dem gi him fi drink

Couldn’t calm him dung at all


Hear him “Oh, my heart is dying, it shall fall from my chest

Oh I cannot breathe

Is like they planted mi navel string on Jamaica soil

Why I have to leave


Hear one white ooman she wid yie water in har yie

‘Never yuh mind old chap

I hate the thought of the snow awaiting me at home

So in a week I will be back”.


Di bawling stop, an mas man face light up

“When yuh coming back my dear?

Maybe wi kyan try a ting, yuh never know

Ahm, what size ring yuh wear?”


Mi laugh becaw Jamaica win an warm every single heart

Becaw Jamaican people care

Come a Jamaica, come fall in love wid yuhself an

Meck it Jamaica every year.


Article take from Joan Andrea Hutchinson’s book ‘Meck Mi Tell Yuh’

For bookings and to order books and CDs email: Joan Andrea Hutchinson at

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