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"There Is Not One Dissenting Voice In The National Arena"



1954: Some ministers of government have turned in to the Clerk of the Executive Council all the State Papers, which they have had in their possession since their appointment to office. It is further reported that other ministers have indicated an intention to return all papers in their custody to the clerk.



1954: A pilot scheme to educate people in the preservation of breadfruit and to demonstrate the variety of articles of diet that can be produced from it is to be established shortly, to cover the areas of western St Mary, upper Clarendon and northern St Catherine.


1962: August 6, 1962, the National Stadium, Prime Minister Bustamante decked out in formal wear, 20,000 people looking on in much awe; this was the scene that marked the commencement of Jamaican independence and the movement from colonialism to self-government. For many of us, that moment when Union Jacks were lowered and the Jamaican flag unveiled for the first time symbolised new beginnings for our country. We became an independent nation, to be governed under a system of democracy in which the people had power to choose their leaders.


1969: Opposition frontbencher Mr Keble Munn is suspended from the House of Representatives for six months following his removal of the Mace – the symbol of Parliamentary authority. Mr Munn, who represents Southeast St Andrew, removed the Mace in the afternoon during a walkout of opposition members in a dramatic climax to the debate on Jamaica’s proposed membership in the Organization of American States.


1978: There is not one dissenting voice in the National Arena in Kingston, when it is announced that Land of my Birth, being sung by Eric Donaldson, written by Winston Wallace and arranged by A. Cooper, is the Festival Song for 1978. An outburst of excitement, shouts of delight, applause and other manifestations of approval greet the announcement.


1982: On its 30th day, the strike of weekly paid workers of Jamaica International Telecommunications Ltd (JAMINTEL) is settled on the intervention of Hugh Shearer. A work resumption agreement is reached at a three-hour meeting between the management of JAMINTEL and the National Workers Union.


1986: Government is accepting the recommendation of the Task Force on tertiary education that the cess to be paid by students at the University of the West Indies should be phased over a three-year period.


1990: Effective September 1, 1990, the Export Tax Rebate Scheme, being operated by the Bank of Jamaica since February 2, 1987, will be discontinued. The Revised Drawback Scheme operated by the Commisioner of Customs, will replace it.


1992: Juliet Cuthbert, Winthrop Graham and Merlene Ottey bring further glory to the nation at the Barcelona Olympics in Spain. Two silver medals and a bronze is the glittering tally which evoked a national salute from Government, Opposition and the thousands who watched the races on television.


Source: DiGjamaica


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