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History is very important to everyone. If we don't know where we are coming from, we will not readily identify where we are headed and how to get there.


I believe that civics should be taught in every school and it is the duty of parents to teach their children about the 'good ole days' and what made us strong as a nation! Deuteronomy 6: 6 - 9 reminds us that teaching our children the commandment He has given will ensure for us long life and continuity.


Do You Remember When?


Do you remember when an entire community could discipline a child and cared about how that child was brought up? The only social network we had was the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) It came on at 4 p.m. and signed off at midnight, and every man had to find his bed! Every child at that time knew the national anthem and the pledge. Very few know it now.


Do you remember when nobody could tell a lie on anyone so easily, because you would be brought back to the source to corroborate your story? When there was a problem at school and you were disciplined by the teacher, once your parents found out, you would get a second disciplining! There was no advocacy for childrens' rights. The only rights they had were to become disciplined and respectful citizens of the nation.


Do you remember when the journalists were people of integrity who ensured that news was brought to the public without a certain kind of bias?


Do you remember Dennis Hall? Do you remember Marie Garth? Do you remember Tony Patel? Do you remember Roy Forrester?


Do you remember when going to school they would supplement the children's' nutrition at lunch time to ensure they were prepared to learn? Do you remember the Nutri-bun, milk, milk powder and bulgar and some of the students could get some to take home?


Do you remember when the children were taught to say 'yes sir', and 'yes mam'?


Do you remember when no one could enter any building without a shirt or socks?


Do you remember when men could not even be seen in earrings, tattoos or any kind of body piercing?


Do you remember when you had to ensure that your clothes were properly ironed? There was no double seam; and there were no electric irons to do that!


Do you remember when we would be properly dressed? Nowadays, underwear is so visible it's blinding and clothing is worn so tightly that possibly in an emergency you would have to peel it off them!


Do you remember when a tablet was only something you would take with water?


Do you remember when apple was only something you would eat?


Do you remember when you had to go to JAMINTEL to make an overseas call? You could talk for a good while to your relatives overseas. Today, as you start talking your credit is done!


Do you remember when children had to actually use their brain to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide? Those children were better at mathematics and at figuring things out. They had common sense. Today, with all the technology, many are failing in these areas.


Do you remember when we would write on slates and everybody had to have a slate and you couldn't lose it?


Do you remember when we were actually taught penmanship and phonics?


Do you remember when farmers used to worship God with their produce? Every harvest they would give their best unto the Lord. Nowadays, that doesn't happen; meanwhile, praedial larceny is on the increase.


Do you remember when politicians would speak to the people and not belittle them with irrelevant jargon?


Excerpt from an article by Steve Lyston

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