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The holidays are here and, at this time of the year, we cook, bake, host parties and most of all, we eat! It's a fact, nobody wants to be counting calories as they anticipate the festive season, but no one wants to go up a jeans size in January either.


The holidays are a time when we all let our hair down and often, there's no limit to what we do, particularly what we eat. But just how much are we consuming?


President of the Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics Kirk Bolton explains that it is important to consume just the right amount of calories each day to remain healthy and to get energy to perform various activities.


He provided us with a list of the amount of calories in every day items.


● Starch 1 slice bread - 80kcal

● Meat 1 ounce lean - 55kcal

● Vegetable 1/2 cup cooked - 25kcal

● Fruit (1 small apple) - 60kcal

● Milk 1 cup nonfat - 90kcal

● One teaspoon margarine - 45kcal

The list below represents one meal, the average Christmas dinner, which amounts to 1,376 calories in just one sitting. Important to note is that the average caloric intake should be between 1,500-2,500 calories per day.

● 1 slice ham (4oz) - 220kcal

● l slice Christmas cake - 320kcal

● l cup rice - 60kcal

● 1/4 cup gungo peas - 75kcal

● l slice turkey (4oz) - 220kcal

● 1/2 cup vegetables - 25kcal

● 3oz pork/mutton - 165kcal

● 1 cup (8oz) homemade sorrel - 106kcal

● 1 glass red wine (125ml) - 85kcal

● loz White Rum - 64kcal




Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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