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With Sting's 30th anniversary show just around the corner, the Don Gorgon Ninja Man is set to retain his title as one of the greatest clash artistes of all time.


"Dem can sign all who dem waan sign, but mek dem know sey nuh come wid nuh competition because anything cross dis yah border a go dead lyrically. Jamaican flag naah guh a grung," he said.


The Sting clash king says the 30-year-old show has been through the fire but through hard work and determination, it has cemented itself in dancehall's history and also in the history of the country.


Ninja Man added that State Minister of Entertainment, Damion Crawford, must be commended for supporting dancehall in a corporate way and recognising how lucrative the industry is.


"A dancehall artiste bring home money and spend money pon de yute dem mek it circulate," Ninja articulated.


He advised the government to come to the table with zoning, which will allow venues for lyrics with adult content and for which the 2 a.m. shut-off time will be adjusted.


With Sting dubbed, 'The greatest one night show on earth', Ninja Man is adamant that dancehall music is not dead, but has deteriorated.


"Josey Wales ah still de Colonel, Chaplin a still de Principal, Shabba Ranks a de Emperor, Yellowman and Beenie Man a King. Shabba get two Grammy, Buju get two Grammy and Beenie get one Grammy," he said.


Questioned further as to his views on dancehall being 'locked up in jail', Ninja Man stated that no one artiste is responsible for the genre.


"No one artiste cyan mek dancehall guh a grung! Every six months a new artiste buss and prepare fi mek him name pon Sting. Dis year every artiste a try win US $30,000 fi kill KipRich."


Returning his focus to his impending Sting clash, Ninja Man stated that this year's show will be a celebration.


"Sting dis year have supn fi young people and fi ol' people. The venue a go secure. It's going to be a celebration with with lyrics, entertainment and enjoyment. Di ol' balladeer dem, me, Cat and Bailey dem. Mi not even tell nobody whe mi a come wid dis year. Just come out fi Sting," Ninja Man said.


Source: Jamaica Star


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