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Dear Empress,

My Jamaican boyfriend is very jealous and says that even though he has a lot of women, I am not allowed to talk to any other man. Should I stay with him? Concerned New Yorker 

ImageDear Concerned New Yorker,

Jamaican men still think that donkey sey "the world nuh level", but as you and I know, nutten nuh go suh. I am sure that you are a responsible young lady who knows that as long as "we paying we own rent", we don’t have to obey such rules.  My advice to you is that you maintain your independence, approach life with a sense of responsibility, try to make all the right choices, and you will find love whether he is Jamaican or not. Please keep all your options open.

 Yours, Empress 

Dear Empress,

I recently got married to an older man and he wants children. The problem is I am a 'hot girl', and I don’t want pregnancy to ruin my body. What should I do?   -Hot body Girl 

ImageDear Hot Body Girl,

It is a pity that this was not discussed and agreed on before marriage. I invite you though to remember that a hot body is a fleeting thing. If he really wants children and you don’t, then discuss adopting. The child will still be your child, but your body would not have gone through pregnancy. And remember if the man really loves you, a few stretch marks, (if you actually get them) and breasts which droop a little, will not turn him off too much. 

Yours, Empress 


Dear Empress, How yuh feel bout internet dating?  I have not been in a relationship for a while, and I don’t really go out much. Is internet dating safe? - Want to date 

ImageDear Want to Date, 

Everything in life comes with risks. I have know several persons who have had fulfilling relationships including marriages to people they met via the internet. Please however, try to know as much about the person as possible. Whenever you are going to meet for the first couple of times try to meet in neutral spaces, rather than going to the person’s home. Keep yuh wits about yuh child. 

Yours, Empress      

For advice, email Empress    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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