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OMG! This life sure is sweet! And mi nah stop laugh 'cause mi nuh borrow nobody teeth!


Blakka Ellis

Listen nuh people, it's a great time for comedy and comedians in Jamaica. For example, check this. Many big companies and corporate brands used to regularly utilise the effect of humour and employ the talents of comedians for advertising, promotional, and entertainment benefit.


But telecommunications giants LIME has stepped in and completely changed the game by signing four comedians as official brand ambassadors. And that's major. Yeah man, because before LIME, nobody in corporate Jamaica appeared to believe that comedians were worthy of such prominence. But now, big things a gwaan fi comedy!


For one, Sundays are set to get sweet again because Jamaica's most-talked about and longest- running local television comedy, the Ity and Fancy Cat show, is back for what promises to be a sizzling and sensational season six. And the laughing started early. Yeah, peeps! Plenty side-splitting laughter was shared yesterday evening at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston at the first live studio recording for the show, and the official media launch is tonight.



Trust me folks, laughter will light up the scene at Fiction Lounge in Kingston tonight as media personnel and other guests get the first glimpse of some of the personalities, parodies, and punchlines that will provoke passion and evoke hilarity for the new season. The season premiere will be Sunday, July 14, at 9:30 p.m. on TVJ.


Comedy definitely is on the up and up. There are now three production companies producing regular live comedy events, and because of them, we have been treated to a total of 24 stand-up comedy shows in Kingston alone since the beginning of the year. Nuh whole heap a comedy dat? We just need to spread it around because although Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, it's not the capital of Kinteet.


And talking about that, unnu ever hear 'bout a thing name 'Kinteet Capital'? No? Well, maybe it's because a me mek it up. So wha? I can't make up words, too? After the eccentric, attention-grabbing 'wall famous' personality nuh more than me! Yeah, friends and others, a Kinteet Capital me a defend these days!


It's currently my favourite phrase and it's a concept that's near and dear to my heart. We hear a lot of talk about cultural industries and entertainment as potential business enterprise. But when people talk about entertainment, they usually exclude comedy.


Well, Kinteet Capital basically speaks to my passionate belief in the capacity of humour as a viable income-generating asset and a major player in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Yeah, man! Di business of entertainment a get sweet, and Kinteen capital a help fi dweet!


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