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On Bob Marley's Birthday, February 6th, Jamaicans are asked to live the message of One Love: Unconditional love and acceptance, Universal brotherhood, forgiveness, and respect.

Jamaica has given birth to One Love, a message of unconditional love and acceptance for all. It has been spread throughout the world through the music and vibrations of reggae, a spiritual music that uplifts and empowers.

Sharon Parris-Chambers

Sharon Parris-Chambers, Jamaica’s national coordinator for Living Values Education who introduced the initiative said “This is a healing message for our time now as it was when Bob Marley embraced it and lived it during his lifetime through his philosophy and music.“

She said the return of One love as a way of life in Jamaica will set the example for people around the world experiencing conflicts, strife, hunger, and abuse. Let us be the light of the world and make Jamaica shine as the jewel that she is. Let us return to One Love as a way of life. It means that we will love, accept, forgive and respect ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters.

On February 6 and onwards individuals are asked to form prayer groups or meditation groups with chanting and drumming to express their love in One-love Gatherings. Speak healing words and greet each other with the words “One Love”.

Communities are asked to create a One Love Project (Like Mind Gardens – or Start a One Love March using the theme: Heal Jamaica with One Love.

Sharon Parris-Chambers, author and Living Values Education national coordinator for Jamaica has brought forward the initiative to rekindle the call that was announced in 2005 during the national tribute to Bob Marley on his 60th birthday in Kingston. When about 6 ‘daughters of Zion’ including Pat Clarke, Yvonne Coke, Elaine Wint, Juliet Dunbar and others read an Apology to the masses who gathered and watched on television, stated a Message and called to Action Jamaicans to pray, fast and heal our land.

In her poem to mark the occasion Parris-Chambers said “the daughters of Zion have come to awaken a sleeping nation. The Apology has been read, the Message has been stated, the Call to Action is now at hand. Begin today my beloved nation with prayer and fasting, reflect on our national anthem and pledge. You are called today to be re-born in One Love. Speak healing words; let these vibrations be food for your soul. Look down on yourself NO more. You are a gift of love. Heal yourself with One love; Heal Jamaica, One heart at a time.” (Poetry from the Rose of Sharon: Divine Thoughts and Inspirations for Living Well)

For more information and to attend the launch event slated for the first week in February call 876-381-1591 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Motto: Heal Jamaica with One Love; One Heart at a time.

Values: Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Respect


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