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Bwoy it look like fadda God soon come fi him worl' fi true because to how di days and the months fly off so til 2016 jus' deh roun di corna. time really no wait pon no man.


It come in like which ever part Usain Bolt a train, a deh so time deh cause a jus' wah day a January an see December yah up inna we face! Wat a way di road ram an cork, people a hustle and all kinda shoppers everyweh?!


Uptown, downtown, roun' town an country ram up! Yuh can barely get space fi walk, park or even jus' scratch yuh head! Every store yuh go inna it tek yuh 10 years fi come out deh! Is like everyweh come in like embassy fi di pass month and di traffic woulda mek any Christian cuss!


Mi frighten fi see all di happenings outta road when everybody a bawl seh dem no have it. When Jamaicans seh dem no have it wah we really mean? When Jamaicans seh dem bruk wah we really mean? Because when mi look outta road an di mount a people who a grab and buy mi a wonda if we is a set a bruk liad!


Is it that we bruk conveniently when is time fi pay important bills and send the kids to school? Bruk when we owe people and no waa pay dem back? Bruk when di furniture bill fi pay and bruk when we jus' see tings an want wah we really cant afford? Mi tink some people a cry bruk because dem waa save fi dem money and spend and borrow odda people own!


Nutten naa gwaan


Mi naa seh people musn't fix up dem place and fix up themselves, but when we a bawl seh it no deh deh an nutten naa gwaan does it really mean we woulda like fi a mek $100 but we only a mek $90?


That a sumting wah mi can commend our people pon though, if a egg we haffi inna di red, by any means necessary! The fighting spirit wah we have is one that we should be proud of because it mek nuff pot can bubble an boil and in the same token we tun we han a mek fashion an no jus lie down an play dead.


If we no book fi it, we ago look fi it! Mi excited bout waa gwaan an all di food and di merry making. Nuff people still no see no Christmas and di vibes deh far from some people. A lady call mi show pon RJR 94FM wah day an a tell mi seh her man a gi her trouble cause him have woman wid her an him no inna di house fi di holidays.


She say she feel so hurt because in case she dead, a him an him woman ago get her pension. Mi tell her fi draft up a will so she can dictate who she want fi get wat but mi heart goes out to people who might seem like dem have everything but dem heart inna shambles.


Make amends


Bruk heart wus dan bruk pocket especially dem time a year yah! Mi hope people can reach out to their loved ones and try to make amends cause at the end of the day no matter how much house, land, van or money we have, no man or woman is a island and everybody need somebody.


Try fi also reach out to the less fortunate cause when yuh tink your situation bad, smaddy have it worse. Let us remember to pray and give thanks even when we a face it cause yuh done know God haffi inna di midst a everything.


Mi love unnu from mi heart and I wish all my readers near an far a safe and joyous season and a prosperous God bless 2013.


May all di crasses an germs stay far fi di new year an what di devil try to make bad may God turn it into blessing. Mi no seh no weapon cyaa form against we but in Jesus name none weh form shall not prosper. Live clean an have a clean heart cause who God bless no man curse!


Love unnu an thanks very much fi di support throughout the year an nuff more tings fi talk up inna 2013. A mi fi tell unnu! Some people head an belly ago hurt dem!


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Mi naa seh people musn't fix up dem place and fix up themselves, but when we a bawl seh it no deh deh an nutten naa gwaan does it really mean we woulda like fi a mek $100 but we only a mek $90?



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