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Hey peeps, I just discovered that the Pope now has a Twitter account. Yeah!


So, ahm, is the Pontiff following God? Or is God following him? In fact, I'm now seriously wondering if God also has a Twitter account and if the Holy One of Creation operates a Facebook fan page. What you think? Does the Savior visit Facebook daily?


Yes, I know some puritans are now getting delirious with discomfort and some Bible-thumping zealots are on the verge of rebuking me for being sacrilegious, but I'm not being deliberately irreverent and I'm not trying to provoke controversy. I'm really asking these questions because I'm trying to understand the sense behind some people's tendency to post prayers on Twitter and Facebook.


I mean, really now! Please correct me if I'm wrong but the way I understand it, if you believe in God then you should know that God hears your prayers when you pray quietly in privacy and solitude. And even if you just think the words, God can read your mind and hear your heart. So why is there the need to loudly tweet your prayers, post your spiritual entreaties and put your supplications to God on a BlackBerry messenger blast? Talk di truth people; is that really about communicating with God? Mi nuh tink so! I think it's more about impressing the devil by popping style pon people.


I don't know about you, but I seriously think some of us misuse, abuse and overuse the social media thing. And my observation is that, in the rush to indulge technology and utilise social media for any and every form of communication, some of us end up doing some weird and downright senseless stuff. For example, my brother Ian 'Ity' Ellis had a birthday last week. Now, he's a popular guy, so I imagined he was bombarded with Facebook posts and tweets full of 'big-ups' for his special day, but I never checked.


Well look here nuh people; this friend of mine (not a real friend, just a 'Facebook-friend') got me really ticked off when she sent a message to my inbox chastising me because she didn't see a post from me among the hundreds of birthday messages to my brother. Now you tell me! I didn't bother to comment on how idle one has to be to diligently check through hundreds of messages to see who posted what and who didn't. But I did point out to her that I know my brother's telephone numbers (and mi phone have credit!) plus I also know where he lives. I then asked her why was it so important for her to know what I said to my brother, and if there's some new law prohibiting private communication with a close relative. I hope she got the point.


But, what is really wrong with some people though? Yeah, public display of affection is cool, and openly sharing your joy and love is great. But if a person is right beside me, if we slept in the same house last night, and if I want to tell that person 'I love you' or 'happy birthday' I can say it directly, right? I really don't need to open a window and bawl it out to the neighbours, do I? I don't have to go on the house top and scream it out to the world. But that's how Facebook and Twitter have us behaving these days. And the things some people post or tweet, nuff a dem nah really dweet!


Well, you can call me a dinosaur, but I insist on not doing or saying every damn thing on the social media stage. Direct engagement is still preferred sometimes. I believe technology should enhance and enrich, but not replace human contact. What do you think?


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