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Since the culmination of the London Olympics earlier this year, a major talking point has been what will Usain Bolt's future hold.


The six-time Olympic gold medallist has previously been heavily linked with a trial at boyhood club Manchester United, which initially started out as a joke but eventually went under serious consideration; United defender Rio Ferdinand even suggested the idea of talking to Sir Alex Ferguson about the matter.


He had also been linked with playing cricket all the way in Australia, with Shane Warne confirming that Bolt would be interested in playing in one of their leagues.


Now though, a new avenue could be about to open up. According to the Hype Life magazine, Usain Bolt has been contacted by several Hollywood producers with the interest of casting 'The World's Fasted Man' in an upcoming action film. Nothing is concrete at the moment, but clearly the producers believe that getting one of the most marketable men on the world could really skyrocket potential sales for this movie.

Of course, he wouldn't be the first athlete to make the step from sports to theatricals. Eric Cantona and Arnold Schwarzenegger took leaps from soccer and bodybuilding respectively to take up careers in acting, while Chuck Norris and André the Giant turned their fight-based professions into similarly themed movies.


For the most part, these films survive just on the reputation of those names, so one starring Bolt would surely achieve considerable success. How long its appeal lasts, however, comes down to how good the actual movie is. 


Schwarzenegger has starred in several unforgettable family films which really do warm the heart, and Norris' sheer badassery helps his movies go down as some of the greatest martial art films ever.


Bolt could really cement his place in modern cultural history by doing just this. It's worth a shot, and Bolt would be incredibly foolish to turn it down.



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