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Think of watching cricket lovely cricket at Kingston’s Sabina Park, while sunbathing by the pool and enjoying life on the mound … a dat wi call multi- tasking! Well the mound is back!

And when we talk of mound, this has nothing to do with the place to plant cassava. We are talking the hot and happening, famous Red Stripe Mound, recreated just in time for the West Indies versus Australia Test Cricket Series. Of course we all want the Windies to win, but if you are at the mound, win, lose or draw, you are bound to have a good time.


The Mound, with its Mound-mania excitement, is as much a  special hangout for the cricket aficionados, as well as the profilers, who want to enjoy relaxation in between play. It is also a hot spot for multi-tasking visitors, who use the time to soak up the sun, while enjoying the game, and a space for members of each sex, cricket aside,  to show off their bodies and network. 

The renovated mound was introduced at a Red Stripe lyme held at Sabina Park on Wednesday May 21, 2008. Last year it was removed in compliance with the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) rules on World Cup Cricket guidelines but now, the fun and excitement is back for all who want to drink responsibly as they level the vibes. 

When Chat-Bout got on the mound, bathing suits and all, we noticed that it had not been returned to its original location but was near to the north stand where new collapsible stands were erected. Everyone was seeing red as Red Stripe’s bunting, flags, banners and general branding was everywhere. Near to the bar area on the fine white sand was a blue portable swimming pool with lounge chair and bar stools to the side. On the field, the crew was putting on the finishing touches and securing the pitch to ensure that it was perfect come match day. 

As Jamaicans are notorious for being late, many of the invitees from  the entertainment and social worlds apparently opted to be fashionably late and even when the sun was setting, most had still not arrived. Renaissance Disco got the party started early with sweet soca from Allison Hinds, Iwer George and Destra that almost heated up the water in the pool. Soca soon gave way to dancehall and all hands were in the air as they gyrated and jammed, boosted by the copious consumption of Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light. When they got to our unofficial cricket anthem ‘Rally Round the West Indies’, everyone was feeling that patriotic streak and sang out even louder. 

During cricket, each day’s mound activities will be hosted by Paula Ann Porter Jones while Delano of Renaissance will be in charge of the musical juggling.  So you may have missed it this time around, but next time make sure to book your flight early and be on the mound for cricket. You are bound to catch up with some old friends.

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