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Bleach is seen as a cure for some Jamaican helpers


Singer a one smaddy dat sing song

Teacher a one smaddy dat teach

Doctor a one smaddy dat look after sick

An helper a one smaddy dat bleach


An wen mi say bleach, mi nuh talkin bout

Fi stay up through di night

Mi mean di extra special talent fi meck

Every colour fayva white


Fi mi Mavis bleach red towel and black tee shirt

All de green carpet pan di floor

It come een like she have one sickness name

Bleach it lickle more


Mi tink she a whitewash her way to di pearly gates

Or she waan fi meck wi know

“Doah you sins be as scarlet, Mavis will wash

An meck dem white as snow


Imagine, wah day mi buy one orange bathsuit

Dah plan fi go a beach

Well yuh waan fi see how it fayva leopard skin

Sake a Mavis and di bleach


Mi always hear dem talk how post colonial peoples

Still like fi strive fi white

Well Mavis have colonial retention wid me clothes
Nuh dark colours, ongle white


Yessiday me hide di bleach fi save me clothes

An save myself from shock

Mi call from work mi lickle bway tell me say

Mavis gawn a shop


“She say yuh figet fi leave out di bleach, Mama”

Mi heart stop fi a while

Den mi fling dung ebry ting and fly go home

An a Mavis dat a smile


Hear her “Mi teck mi owna money go buy de bleach, mam”

Mi polka dot blouse inna her han

“Di blouse wen too tan bad an full a spotty spotty

So mi bleach out every one”


“An mi know yuh stop wear dah purple frack yah

Sake a di big ol stain”

Mavis bleach out di design pan dif rack front an say

“Mam, now yuh kyan wear it again”


A bex till mi head feel like it wen a go lif off

Till mi couldn even talk

Mi had was to run way quich time lef di house

Go teck a long long walk


So mi pay off Mavis fi di res a di year

An tell her say she free

Fi go look a nex work and which part else

An nuh tan in yah mad mi


For bad bway dah galang wid badness a street

Nuh kya how parson dah preach

But bad as dem be dem kyaan cause damage

Like a helper wid a bleach


So singer oonoo continue fi sing oonoo song

Teacher galang an teach

Doctor oonoo galang an look after sick

But helpers, lef di bleach



Article taken from Joan Andrea Hutchinson’s book Meck Mi Tell Yuh.

For bookings and to order books and CDs email: Joan Andrea Hutchinson 

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