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The story of a runaway cow who caught worldwide attention when she fled a farm to escape being slaughtered and then evaded capture for months is being turned into a Hollywood film. 


Yvonne (R) pictured with her son Frisi
The daring bovine called Yvonne broke through an electric fence and then lived in the wild in Germany, managing to dodge helicopters and hunters' guns.


The dairy cow even ended up on a "most wanted" list after running in front of a police car.


She was seen as a security risk by authorities who gave hunters permission to shoot her on sight but she still managed to evade several attempts to capture her.


Even a plan by animal activists to lure the canny animal back to the farm using her own calf, her friend and a breeding bull named Ernst failed.


Dairy cow Yvonne evaded capture for months in Germany
The cow, which went on the run last May, was eventually seized in September 2011 after being given a double dose of tranquilisers.


She was then taken to an animal sanctuary after more than 90 days in the Bavarian countryside.


Now the tale of the runaway cow, which captivated the German nation and spread worldwide, will provide fodder for an animated film.


Cow on the Run, based on Yvonne's escapades, will be made by Munich-based film company Papa Loewe and American film producer Max Howard, whose previous credits include Walt Disney's The Lion King.


Michael Aufhauser, founder of the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary in southern Germany, which now looks after Yvonne, said the tale was going to be "very romantic".


"Yvonne even falls in love with a buck," he said of the film, which is set to hit cinemas in 2014.


"People thought she was a dumb cow and would not know what to do in the wild but she was so clever, nobody could catch her and that amazed people," he added.


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