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Chat-Bout joins you all in wishing for all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers and anyone who has helped to shape  the life of a child or children Happy Mothers’ Day.  


Motherhood is one of the most rewarding, and at the same time, most challenging experience. You go from seeing this helpless totally dependent creature develop independence, be able to do things for himself or herself, to the point where they become so independent that they behave like they don’t need mother,  to the point where they revere mother for all of the life lessons. It is a sweet and sour experience. 


Chat-Bout also acknowledges the many mothers whose children are missing, or who have lost children - a grief too great to bear. We also send some positive Jamaican energy to mothers whose children have gone astray and are either incarcerated or otherwise trapped in a cycle of antisocial behaviour, especially when yuh know say yuh did grow di pickney good’ . We wish for you strength, healing and peace. 


If for whatever reason you have not been at peace with your mother, perhaps over some silly misunderstanding, or perhaps you thought she was interfering in your life, Mothers’ Day is the day to reconcile. Just pick up the phone and call, or go visit. Don’t bother to bring up the issue and try to resolve it today, just seek her out and say Hi… that’s a start. 


For some mothers, Mothers’ Day will be a day of celebration, while for others it will be a day of quiet reflection or business as usual. So how will you be saluting your mother on Mothers Day? Remember that more than the fancy gift, mother would love a phone call or if you are close enough, a visit. For those of you are planning  some sort of treat for mother, here are some Chat-Bout ideas. 


Flowers. The simple, affordable and time-honoured way to show your mother that you really love her. Depending on your budget, and your mother's preference, you can get her something like nice, elegant orchids, or another variety of a beautiful potted plant; or you can get her a single rose... the classic, elegant way to say I love you. 


Jewellery. When was the last time your mother got a new pair of earrings, or an exquisite necklace, or a bracelet saying 'I love you'? You have your choice of broaches, watches, rings, chains, earrings at any jewellery store. Mother's Day is the perfect time to add another meaningful piece to your mother's jewellery collection. 


Brunch. Take mother out for brunch, but make sure they serve food that she likes. This not about your taste, it is about mother. 


Handmade card / personalised letter. When was the last time you sat to down to put in writing how you felt to your mother? Don't underestimate the power of a hand-made card, or a personalised letter, letting mom know that you truly appreciate her, and cared enough to take the time to write her a letter. (It's the kind of gift that you will find hidden in her bottom drawer years later. What is even nicer is if you get the grandchildren to draw the card 


Girly Stuff . Give mother a basket filled with sweet, exotic soaps, perfumes, body washes and sprays. Give her some bath salts and a scented candle so she can take a relaxing bath on her special day.  


Spa. Mothers are hard-working, multi-tasking, taking care of the children,  getting dinner ready... a day at the spa gives her an opportunity to take a break and rest, and get pampered for a change.


Do the housework. If you live at home, or close to your mother,   serve her  breakfast in bed and tidy the house for her. Ban her from the kitchen for the day and do all the cooking instead. Tell her to put her feet up, relax and enjoy her favourite TV program, or rent a movie and watch it with her. Never underestimate the power of small loving gestures to convey great meaning. 


Book. Is mom a bookworm? Buy her something she will want to read. That book she's always talking about, that author she doesn't seem to be able to get enough of. Treat her to her favourite book on her special day. Don't rule out buying her journals, planners, photo albums or making her a scrapbook of your favourite memories with her. These things never fail to touch a mother's heart. Sweets.  As long as her blood sugar is not an issue, and if she likes sweets, get her some exotic chocolate. If she is diabetic, scout out the sugar free chocolate. If not buy or make her a basket full of healthy food products like granola bars, peanuts or craisins. Add a couple of all-natural juices to that as well. 


MAKE SOME TIME FOR MOTHER TODAY. Life is very tenuous, and offers us no guarantees. Mothers Day is important. Find some time in your busy schedule to  give her some time,  if you are calling from farrin, spend the extra few bucks and talk a little longer. If you are close enough to visit, plan on an extra few minutes for her to show you her plants.  Mother deserves it.



                             POEMS FOR MOTHERS’ DAY 


 M is for the million things she gave me

O means only that she's growing old

T is for the tears she shed to save me

H is for her heart of purest gold

E is for her eyes, with love-light shining

R means right, and right she'll always be...

 Put them all together, and they spell MOTHER

A word that means the world to me                                 -Howard Johnson, 1915.   


 A Mother's Love Determines How 

A mother's love determines how

We love ourselves and others

There is no sky we'll never see

Not lit by that first love. 

Stripped of love, the universe

Would drive us mad with pain;

But we are born into a world

That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss

That told me who I was!

The greatest gift – a love of life -

Lay laughing in your eyes. 

Because of you my world still has

The soft grace of your smile

And every wind of fortune bears

The scent of your caress.                                     -Anonymous  



I love mothers because they care

Unhappy moments you can share

With your mother who loves you so,

And helps you rightly to live and grow.

Mother puts a smile on her face when you're down

And that will help you to put off a frown

Although they may punish us, still we say

Thank you mother for showing us the way...                                              -Ruth Howard, 1995 




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