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Writer and actress Joan Andrea Hutchinson has over the years captured the essence of Louise Bennett through the writing and performance of her own work, as well as an unapologetic level of honour and respect for the late folklorist.


Joan Andrea Hutchinson

In an interview, Hutchinson was asked about the constant comparisons, she responded, "It is more than a compliment, it is an honour, but I cannot dream of filling Miss Lou's shoes. I recall hearing her being interviewed on the radio once and she was asked if she had seen anyone who could take over from her and she said 'yes, the lickle Hutchinson chile.' What more could I ask for?"


To make permanent her respect for Miss Lou, Hutchinson penned Tenky Miss Lou.


Mi a born Jamaican an mi proud


and yuh fi feel proud to


fi walk roun an big up yuh chest and seh thanks to Miss Lou


When she did start, she neva know


a how it would a go


An nuff nuff people when dah laugh and a call har poppyshow


But she galang strong and stick it out


for she know seh she did right


Inna har belly bottom she did know one day


dem woulda haffi see di light


Anytime trouble tek we


a Miss Lou wen put we good name pon di map


and wen da push Jamaica heritage


an Lawd, she wouldn't stop


She seh "Tek kin teet kibba heart bun


when times neva suh sweet


Good luck will come as long as fowl


a cratch up dungle heap"


Nuff a dem did tink she crazy


and nuff mek up dem face


How she did a chat dis boogooyaga patwa


all ova de place


For dem wen tink patwa was bad English


Dem neva know, poor ting


Dem wouldn't tell Nancy story


and folksong dem wouldn't sing


But a de jackass wid him long tail


Bag a coco comin down


and de peel head jan cro pon tree top


jus mek dem head spin roun


An lickle by lickle dem start fi back her


start fi fan her flame


and see deh after fifty year


Miss Lou a one household name.


Dem a mek flim, dem a write book


dem a sing hol heap a song


an a seh " Patwa is a good language"


But you wen know dat all along


So now we tan up proud fi be Jamaican


An we want whole worl' fi hear


Miss Lou, nuff thanks


For howdy and tenky neva bruck no square.


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