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So your nights are filled of soulful beats and groovy beats, but what when the sun comes up don't waste the day, get out and enjoy the beauty of Jamaica. Here are few ideas to get you started:


Bellefield Great House
Take a trip into history led by the staff of the Bellefield Great House. Located in Granville, St. James, just outside of Montego Bay, the great house offers a living history tour set in 1805, a time when sugar was king, complete with the costumes, language and tastes of the period. You can browse through actual slave ledgers, hear stories of life on the plantation from Lucy the chambermaid; have a sip of the wine seller Bucky Master's famous rum punch; sample jerk seasoning from Ben, one of the cooks; or taste one of Mildred the kitchenmaid's delectable sweet treats. The tour re-awakens Jamaica's complex and colourful history through the sights, sounds and flavours that the great house offers.


Rafting on The Martha Brae
Venice has gondolas, and Jamaica has bamboo rafts. What better way to see the lush vegetation hidden in Jamaica's interior than by a bamboo raft, captained by a knowledgeable guide7 Learn of the legend of Martha Brae, which speaks of a witch who was captured by Spanish treasure hunters, to lead them to the location of hidden Arawak gold. The witch tricked them, leading them to a cave where she deserted them. When they tried to escape, the river engulfed them, and the witch then changed the course of the river forever. The tour begins at Rafter's Village, a stunning location where visitors are invited to enjoy the lush picnic grounds. The 1 1/2 hour  tour takes visitors along the gentle Martha Brae, and stops at Tarzan's Corner for those wanting to take a cooling dip.                                                                                                                        876-952-0889/


Chukka Caribbean
If you need more excitement than lying on a beach, Chukka Caribbean Adventures is the tour company for you. Why not test out your quad biking skills on the ATV safari, which takes you on rugged paths through Rose Hall Estate, offering panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. This fully guided tour takes you up 700 feet, where you can explore the mountainous terrain, and into the community of Mount Zion, where you will tour the 165-year-old church, and round it off at a local bar.  Close by, also in the hills of the Rose Hall Estate, The Flight of the White Witch Zipline Canopy tour offers breathtaking views, 1,200 feet above sea level. Traverse from platform to platform in the dense jungle, including the world's only floating platform, suspended in the middle of the valley, offering spectacular ocean views. You will also hear the legend of Annie Palmer, known as the White Witch, who is said to haunt the estate. For those looking for a little less of a rush, Chukka Caribbean also offers horseback and swim tours, and river tubing safaris-relaxing ways to enjoy the island's natural beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Green Grotto Caves
Its name may have changed over the years, but the Green Grotto Caves are among Jamaica's most prominent natural attractions. Arawak , Indians first sheltered in these caves, and archaeological finds such as pottery and tools called adzes, have been unearthed from the site.
Situated on the north coast, the cave's central feature is the large labyrinthine
limestone cave with numerous rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites and overhead ceiling pockets. Dropping 12 metres deep, the cave is also characterized by its subterranean lake.


Dunn's River Falls and Park
Just over an hour east of Montego Bay, is Jamaica's most famous waterfall, Dunn's River Falls. This treasure offers 600 feet of climbing excitement, with various plunge pools along the way, which you can climb with a guide, or sans the human chain if you are brave enough. If you don't want to get wet, there is a new botanical garden, various nature trails, a selection of eateries, and a revamped craft market to keep you busy. A trip to the island would not be complete without feeling the cooling water massaging your back, a truly invigorating experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Mystic Mountain
Whether it's experiencing the island's beauty from the serene heights of a chair lift, zipping through the trees via a zipline, or plummeting down almost 3,300 feet in a gravity-driven bobsled, Mystic Mountain has it all. With over 1,000 acres, the island's premier eco-tourist destination offers a unique viewing experience of Jamaica's diverse ecosystem. Foodies will also love the gourmet offerings at R2, situated 700 feet up-delectable international flavours blended with local spices offer the perfect accompaniment to the stunning view.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Outameni Experience

The Outameni Experience is a moving cultural experience that celebrates Jamaica’s rich culture depicted in small architecturally designed villages showing Taino, Spanish, African, English, Indian, Chinese and Jamaica Today.  It is a unique blend of music, art, dance, film, drama and authentic Jamaican cuisine. Visitors will have a holistic cultural “experience” evolving over a 90-minute journey set on five acres of land. Outameni Experience will tantalize all your senses in this interactive journey with a colourful mosaic enriched by the vibrant spirit and culture of the Jamaican people.



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