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ImageThe often controversial, ever dapper Senior Superintendent of Police,  Reneto Adams, will be among the guest stars for the 26th season of the highly successful Jamaican sitcom, Royal Palm Estate. 

Adams plays a millionaire who has several government ministers in his pocket, Adams is set to steal the show as Jamaicans will be tuning in to get a glimpse of the super cop. 

After an almost two year break, the season is ready to hit the screens and the Jamaican viewers are waiting with bated breath to see what the new season will deliver. They will sit glued to their TVs on a Sunday evening and get totally caught up in the action of each week’s episode.

  In addition to Superintendent Adams, the season will include a number of high profile guest stars, some with limited acting experience, but who all threw themselves into their roles, as if they were born to act. The guest stars include Dr. Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart, D’Angel, Peter Lloyd, Macka Diamond and Angel Shalome.  

The show has been off the air for almost two years and the anticipation of this new season is high. At the recent launch of this season, everyone was seeing ‘stars’ as the constellation included celebrities from both the music and theatre worlds. All want to be in on the action for what some term the Jamaican version of Dynasty or Dallas.

 Director of Project Development of Palm TV Cheryl Ryman said that more quality local programming is needed as Jamaicans need to have shows they can identify with. She cites this insistence on local programming as part of a commitment which the company made years ago to the viewers. We said we were going to be producing good quality programming for our viewers.  

The show airs on Sunday nights at 9, and for those who miss it, there is a repeat on Thursday  at 10:05 pm. Clips of the upcoming season were shown and guests lapped up all the humorous bits featuring the guest stars, most of whom, held their own in front of the camera.  

First broadcast in March 1994, the series has since been shown in the USA, parts of England and several Caribbean territories. Most of the shooting takes place on location at a plantation in St. Ann and other properties across Jamaica. 

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