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Jamaica is blessed with some of the best mineral spas to be found anywhere in the world. These are Bath Mineral, Milk River, Black River and Rockfort. These four (4) mineral spas were discovered at different times in the history of the country, and each has varying amount of minerals.


Bath Mineral Spa – St Thomas


The mineral spa or spring at Bath in the parish of St. Thomas was discovered by a run-a-way slave in the 1690s. When he discovered that the water of the mineral spring had healed the wounds that had plagued him for years, he decided to brave the wrath of his master to tell him the good news.


The mineral spring at Bath flows from two (2) rocks, which produces both cold and hot water. The water is mixed before it enters the bathhouses, which are built for guests. The water in the spring is not mixed and so it is very hot. The spring is rich in sulphur and lime and is believed to be very good for the treatment of rheumatic ailments and skin diseases.


Milk River Spa - Clarendon


Milk River
Milk River Bath is another of Jamaica's great spas. The radioactivity of the water is many times greater than many of the world's famous spas. The relative radioactivity of the water has been found to be:


9 times as active as Bath, England

50 times as active as Vichy, France

5 times as active as Karlsbad, Australia

54 times as active as Baden, Switzerland


The Spa is located about ten (10) miles south of May Pen, Clarendon, and is open to the public.


Black River Spa - St.Elizabeth


Black River Spa located in Black River, St. Elizabeth was one of the more popular spas in the island up until the 1930s. The cold spring which is rich in sulphur and other minerals is believed to have healing properties. It is believed to have cured many ailments. Unfortunately this gift of nature has deteriorated substantially. However, it is a viable business investment option.


Rockfort Spa - Kingston


Canons at Rockfort spa
The origins of the Rock Fort Spa is uncertain, but it is believed to have appeared miraculously following the 1907 earthquake. The water which is very radioactive, is piped from a cold spring in the surrounding hills.


The spa which is operated commercially has several bathhouses, supplied with warm water, and a large swimming pool.


Like the other mineral spas, Rock Fort Mineral Spa is believed to have healing properties.


Source: Jamaica National Heritage Trust


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