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Inna di 70s if yuh never fraid a nutten, yuh fraid a 3-wheel coffin.

Can you remember where you were in the early seventies, when the three wheel coffin was supposed to be roaming the streets of Kingston, Jamaica? Of course nobody ever see dis three wheel coffin yet, yet everybody claimed to have seen it, with the three johncrow perch pon di top.  It always seemed to have ‘ just gone up di road’.

The story was that some man or di other  was involved inna  some DeLawrence sciencemix up an De Lawrence send out him agents fi look fi him. I remember I was in primary school and if the teacher wanted to drive the fear of God into us, all she had to do was mention the three wheel coffin.  Every Jack man draw into dem shell and start fi behave.

 One day at the end of recess, the bell rang, and as usual, wi gwaan like we never hear it. We wanted to continue playing. Well, all of a sudden there was mass pandemonium,  children screaming and running in all every direction, trying to find their classroom.

After that everybody was as meek as a lamb, under the watchful eyes of the teacher.

Even di adults dem who did a gwaa like de big bad and bold, even dem did fraid of di three wheel coffin


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