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Condensed milk and bread ... what a someting sweet. Condemsed milk was even nicer when yuh pour it in yuh hand middle and lick it.

My neighbor at the time, who shall have to remain nameless, because him is now a big tapanaris politician in Jamaica, used to pour out half of di tin of condensed milk into him hand middle and just lick it.


Well, one day when my mother was outside hanging the clothes on the line, I take out her tin of condensed milk out of the fridge and pour half of it in my hand. What I did not realize was that his mother's milk was not in the fridge, but on top of the counter so it was not so thick.  Well as I start to 'gullo down' the condensed milk, I hear mi mother coming and I tried to swallow everything fast. 


Well when cold condensed milk go fi choke yuh, it choke yuh good. I was coughing and coughing, my mother had to slap my back. To this day I am convinced that the slapping of my back was part of a beating  for  teefing out di condensed milk.

                                                                               Aston, Toronto

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