Wid di Jamaican govament taxing practically everyting even salt, Joan Andrea Hutchinson poetry style brings you - Tax deh pon Salt.


Joan Andrea Hutchinson: TAX DEH PON SALT  

Sometime mi did want to be a people
A animal or a bug
But today mi glad bag bus an mi happy
Because mi is a slug

Mi say Bap Bap Bap an Booyaka
Mi shout Yippy-di-deee
Oonoo nearly gi wi high blood pressure
But now wi life salt free

Free like a bird in a tree becaw Man A Yard
Say salt fi hug up tax
Free fi nyam dung oonoo gyaaden a night time
An live life to di max

Oonoo tink say wi slug is just a nuisance
Claim say a just one ting wi want
Fi entime oonoo gyaaden start fi prosper
Wi come nyam dung plant

Oonoo come wid oonoo backle a salt a night time
A come throw salt pon slug
Wicked oonoo wicked an evilous man
A set a cold, hard hearted thug

And di cheap salt weh oonoo buy, bun hot yuh know
Woii ... di discomfort an di pain
Cheap oonoo too cheap fi evenbuy slug pellets
Dat woulda be more humane

Front a public oonoo defend di poor an disadvantaged
Down to di criminal oonoo hug
Read Bible an pray loud, den come a oonoo yard
An a dash salt pon slug

All some a oonoo so call deestant an tapanaris
Wid oonoo high moral ways
Oonoo miss one lickle leaf, and di badwud oonoo cuss
Slug haffie cork slug aise

Mi think say some a di ooman dem a bun wi
Caw dem know dem body done
An a company dem a look becaw dem husband
Out a street a gi dem bun

So Man a Yard, mi nah gi nutten right or wrong
Mi nah say nutten a nobady fault
But mi kin stap bun mi an mi can live in peace
Becaw tax deh pon salt.

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