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Confidence is a more than a word.  It is an attitude. One that has no sign of impoliteness, or shyness when it is being displayed.



ImageOne may think that confidence can only be expressed visually or verbally but think, even through writing expressively, can one demonstrate an abundance of buoyancy.



It is always a pleasure to be able to observe persons, who exude natural warmth, with a captivating energy. And, have you ever-wondered why and how they can do it and you can’t?  Certainly you can, all you need to do is believe in yourself.



By doing this, you accentuate the positives; eradicate the doubts that comes to mind, all the ifs and buts.  Put forward a conquerable approach that only you can use to lift you out of that low self-esteem arena.



Too often we fail to complete or even take up a challenge due to the lack of self-confidence and the inner drive to push on and be the best that we can be.  There is in every human being the ability to do and be more than they ever imagined, and even a simple display of confidence can unearth that secret potential.



Ever heard the term ‘practice makes perfect’? Well, this is evident in our everyday lives; as we pursue an education, carry out our job functions and so on; the more we do it the better we get. Assuredly, if you are having problems with expressing or carrying yourself in an assertive manner, then maybe the place to start is through practice.  You can do this merely in your bathroom, bedroom or even in front of your mirror.



Build up a routine of speaking clearly and profoundly, as well as attiring yourself in an attractive way, look at yourself and affirm that you are strong, bold, beautiful and powerful.  Do this for as long as it takes you to believe it, and you are bound to see an improvement in your view of self.  Very soon, you will be able to take your affirmation to another level, by sharing it with others.  At this point you will be well on your way of being one with astounding and resounding self-assurance.



There are a number of factors that cause people to be confident.  One such factor is body image.  This topic, affects not only women, but also men.  It is probably a more concern for women, because they are more beauty conscious and self-centred.  Men on the other hand, do not always express their image concern, especially if they have something else to highlight, be it career or wealth, hence if and when they have self-esteem issues, it is easier for them to have a rebound. 



Women must first accept themselves for who they are, once this is done, they can take the necessary steps to becoming who they want or ought to be.  If it is a weight problem that’s affecting your image, or self-esteem, the task is to work on it in order to yield results, be it dieting, fasting or whatever discipline that gets the job done.  The problem comes in when we allow ourselves to be burdened and depressed due to not being whom we want to be, and it is at this point that one’s esteem begins to be affected or compromised.



There was this very fat young lady who worked in a particular company.  She would always carry herself neatly and poised.  As a matter of fact, she was the fattest employee at the company, yet she was most attractive because of how she presented herself with irresistible confidence.  Some of her fellow co-workers were even amazed at her level of cheerfulness. 



I managed to ask her one day, what makes you so assertive? Her reply was that her mother is a very fat woman, knowing this, her mother would often look herself in the mirror and touch every part of her body and affirm,’ I love my hips, I adore my face, she would show appreciation for her entire being.  The young lady further went on to say, that as a child, she has always watched her mother when she did this, and so, as she grew, she developed a love for self that’s overwhelmingly applaudable. 



It therefore becomes apparent that one has to set the precedence of expressing confidence whoever they may be, or regardless of what society thinks.  Once you believe in you and accepts that, it gives others the opportunity to deal with you, how you deal with yourself. Be confident. 



                                                        Written By: Keteis Oyonde  


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