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Nobody has actually met him, but for generations school children  in Jamaica have been circulating traditional jokes about ‘big bwoy’ - overgrown, ridiculous  and lovable.

Big Bwoy tends to be this over grown, over aged and oversexed prankster who remains in the lower grade forever unable to pass his exams but always to pass remarks intended to make you laugh or leave you in a state of shock.

The jokes mostly deal with rebellion against authority such as his teacher or are of a sexual nature with a twist of humor.

For the not so young, do you remember these:

Big Bwoy in class an him teacher ask him fi spell the word INK. Big bwoy looked puzzled cause him couldn’t spell the word. Same time him friend lean over an she “Big bwoy if yuh don’t spell the word Miss gwane beat yuh.” Big bwoy say ‘I aint care’. Miss say what was that you said big bwoy. Him repeat ‘I aint care’. Miss say good big bwoy, I-N-K.

Here's another one. Big bowy father have a donkey name E-G-G, and one day big bwoy carry the donkey to school. While in class the teacher ask who can spell the word EGG. Same time big bwoy look through the window an see him father donkey a run whey. Big bwoy jump up an a try call out to the donkey E-G-G, E-G-G. The teacher say very good big bwoy, everybody clap him.

And another. Big bwoy father gone farrin, an him a tell him friend dem how him father write one letter to him mother an soon after him mother have a baby. Dis puzzle him so him go to him mother and ask her, “Mama if Daddy write letter and yuh have baby, mi no want fi si di pen him tek write it.”


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