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 Jamaican Proverbs,  are as pretty as they are proud.


ImageAmerican culture threatens Jamaican identity, but Joan Andrea Hutchinson remains rooted in tradition. A longtime proponent of the retention of African based aspects of Jamaican culture, Hutchinson has released Jamaican Proverbs ... Pretty and Proud.


As the title suggests, the CD is a collection of sayings passed down through generations, each accompanied by amusing explanations delivered with Hutchinson's trademark wit.


Thirty-eight tracks comprise this offering from the self-described "rural-minded city girl".


Undercurrent of humour


There is also a song promoting the use of Jamaican proverbs, not only to keep the culture alive, but as a way to understand life's complexities.


Underneath it all runs an undercurrent of humour, which entertains as well as underscores the positive perspective that has brought many a Jamaican through good times and bad.


The preservation of 'things Jamaican' clearly holds high importance for Hutchinson, who has already released two books (Inna Mi Heart: Jamaican Love Poetry and Meck Mi Tell Yuh) and six recordings, all centred on Jamaican poetry and prose.


She points to the children of this country - exemplified by those in her immediate circle - as the driving force behind her commitment to keep interest in the country's culture alive.


Hutchinson has appeared in plays - several of which she has co-written - and presented on Caribbean language at internationalconferences.


She produced folklorist Louise 'Miss Lou' Bennett's last major recording.


Changing of the tongue: Yank slang takes over  

 Yankee Yard talk
 'Oh, man!''Jah know, star!'
 Hi Hello
 'Like, duh!' 'So, yuh neva know dat?'
 'Hi, boo/Hi, sweedie' 'Wha'ppen babes'
 'What's up!' 'Wha' gwaan!'
 Props Big up
 My bad Sorry 'bout dat'!
 Dawg My youth/'Bredrin'

Phrases on their way out

'But anybody si mi dying trial!'

'Tek the case an' gimme the pillow!'

'If a laugh, a pop up!'


Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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