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Yuh memba when yuh use to listen to Anansy stories from do older one dem? Yuh memba dis one...


Anancy an Common Sense

ImageOne time, long time ago, Anancy decide dat him wanted to be di brightest and smartest smaddy, wid all of di common sense inna di whole wide world.


But him never know how fi meck sure dat him alone had all of di common sense.  So him siddung under one big guango tree and  study him brain from mawning till night.  Finally him get one bright idea.  Him say to himself, ”if I walk up an dung and collect all of di common sense in di world, then I will have all of it for myself and nobody else going to have any.


So Anancy set about collecting all of the common sense in the whole wide world.  Him take plane go a Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America and Latin America.  Him go a Greenland go collect common sense from the Eskimo dem, him go inna di Caribbean go fight off di people and teck way dem common sense, him go a Rome go sweet up some nun and meck dem give him dem common sense. 


Him put on school uniform and go into a lickle primary school, play with the children and make dem give him dem common sense, him go down to the market and buy out all of the common sense, and go to the beach and scrape up all of the common sense.When him finished him use him hand and press down the common sense so that all of it fit into one big everlasting calabash. 


Anancy was so happy, now that  him had all of the common sense in the world to himself. His next problem was that he was afraid to leave the calabash lying around because he did not want anybody to steal his common sense when he was not looking. Again, Anancy siddung under di guango tree and study him brain. Maybe him could put it at the bottom of the river.  Him decide that was not a good idea because maybe the fish would become curious, open the calabash, and take out some of his common sense.  Him think bout putting the calabash in the tall grass in the back pasture, but then him remember how the cow dem love to eat any and everything, and him never want them to eat him calabash full of common sense.


All of a sudden Anancy get a big idea. Him decide him was going to hide the calabash of common sense up in the top of the big guango tree. Nobody would think to go look up there. But there was a problem.  He had to figure out a way to climb up the tree while carrying the calabash. At first he thought he would leave the calabash on the ground and climb to the top of the tree to find the perfect hiding spot. But then he was afraid that someone passing by would try to steal his calabash, or at least steal some of the common sense out of it, and he wanted to keep it all for himself.   Anancy sat down under the big guango tree to study him brain again. “Yes”, him say to himself, jumping up. “I know what to do.  I will tie on the calabash to my belly and climb up the tree.” 


So Anancy found some wiss wiss rope and the tie it around the calabash. Then him put the calabash on him belly and tie the wiss wiss rope round him waist. The rope kept on slipping off but he worked out away to tie it really tight. Then him start to climb the guango tree with the calabash pon him belly.  One green lizard crawl near him and Anancy say “teck way yuhself lizard, a mi calabash full of common sense yuh waan fi tief?” The lizard just looked at him and continued on him merry way.  But trying to climb a tree with a calabash tie on pon yuh belly is not the easiest ting in di world. Every climb him climb, him slip down a little. Him try to  wrap him leg dem roun di tree trunk and hold on really tight while him climbing, but  as him go up a little, him slip back a little.  Anancy start fi get mad “Mi not leaving mi calabash of common sense down pon the gound fi everybody come teck out little by little till it done.  Mi is di only one wid common sense and mi going to keep it that way. 

 Just then a little girl name Akilah passed by.  Akilah was eight years old. She was on her way to go tie out her mother goats and go catch some water at the river.  She look at Anancy and shake her head and continue bout her business.  On her way back from tying out di goats and  catching water, she saw Anancy, still struggling, sweating as him try to climb up di guango tree wid the calabash tie on to him  belly.  She say “Mr. Anancy”, because yuh know say Jamaican children well polite. “Mr. Anancy, if yuh trying to climb di tree with the calabash, it would be easier if yuh tie it on yuh back that way yuh could climb the tree easy easy.”.

Anancy stop and think for a minute. What she say make sense fi true. Then suddenly him get soooo mad and say to himself, “How this little pickney have common sense? Mi think say I did collect all of the common sense in the world and have it here in mi calabash.”  Anancy got so mad that him throw the calabash down on the ground and it mash up into hundreds of little pieces. Of course, all the common sense scatter and the breeze come an blow it all over the world And that is why all over the world, yuh have people  with a little common sense.  Is Anancy make it. 


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