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If yuh think yuh bad, wait till yuh meet di ‘bull buck and duppy conqueror’.


Now even if you don’t know, who or what the bull buck and duppy conqueror is, what you do know is that you don’t want to tangle with him. 


Remember when ol time country people use to have some ‘bad bull cow’? Those unpredictable bulls that drive di fear of God into everybody? You don’t know who, what, when or how  they going to ‘buck'. Because though the dictionary tells you that cows can butt, when a Jamaican bull cow ‘buck you’ you corner dark, things bad  wid you.


So in essence, everybody big and small, man and woman, fraid of di bad bull.  Anybody who is brave enough, bad enough to go head to head with the bull, in other words buck the bull, is almost a hero and earns the title ‘bull buck.The next thing that every good Jamaican fraid of is duppy. No matter how much church dem go, no matter how logically, on the surface they may say publicly “ghosts don’t exist”, under the quiet, dem still fraid of duppy.


So when  somebody dead and you forget to turn the bed, or you never put a pin in dem  foot bottom  fi prevent the spirit from wandering, or perhaps you did them something and them come back to terrorize yuh, first thing you do is bring in a parson to sprinkle a lickle white rum and exorcise the spirit.  Sometimes if it is a bad duppy, regular parson cannot get rid of him and you have to call fi di bull buck and duppy conqueror.   And if him can’t get rid of di duppy, den you might as well live wid di duppy.

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