Kin Teet An Laugh
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Aunt sues 12-yr-old nephew for hugging her 972
8th Annual Miss Lou Reading Festival 666
Oliver Samuels, Basil Dawkins serve up 'Divorce Papers' 809
KINTEET CAPITAL A DWEET! wid Blakka Ellis 4034
Elva Live At Comedytainment 3978
SOME DWEET, SOME TWEET! With Blakka 5045
We shall not be moved! 3770
Scrap Metal Thief Makes Off With Iron Bridge 5575
Andrea Wright Takes On Delcita 5831
Runaway Cow Gets Hollywood Moo-Vie Deal 4452
Christmas Brawta 945
Unbelievea-bull: Girl Rides Showjumping Cow 3205
Excess Baggage Grounds Drug-Smuggling Pigeon 4209
Jamaican Restaurant Or Not? 3999
Man Told 'You're Pregnant - With Twins' 3016
Laugh Jamaica Now Available Digitally Via YouTube 5486
Skydiving Granny Proves You're Never Too Old 4289
Laughter is the Best Medicine 4239
Tek Bad Tings mek Joke 6415
Joan Andrea Hutchinson 'Kin Teet Kibba Heart Bun' 6755
Man sits on a dead whale in the middle of shark feeding frenzy 1345
Your most Embarrassing Health Confessions 1537
Cartoon of the week 2319
Blakka Ellis Final Comic stand 1298
"Tek Bad Tings Mek Joke" 6525
Escapee Caught Creeping into Jail 4227
Man, Tuck in Yuh Belly 8114
Who Makes The Best Patient? 2802
Ambitions Of An Older Man 7833
Di Christian An Di Beer 2383
Heart Murmur 2739
Write It Down 1892
Once A Man ... 59393
The Perfect Hearing Aid 2430
50th Anniversary Bliss 2980
Jamaican Ginnal 1117
'Campaigning' - A Winner 4346
Everything Has Gender 2951
English or German ? 2561
How Smart Is Your Right Foot? 60174
Could You Be President? 1469
That Talking Dog Named Blue 4118
Football Finally Makes Sense 3257
Men Vs Women At The ATM 6535
Dis Baby Must Be Jamaican 1082
The Rasta Poet 1787
Never Mess With A Jilted Woman 2683
Jamaican Break Up Letter 1063
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